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About Us


All our consultants have started and run their own companies obtaining extensive direct experience of the issues facing the owners and managers of growing small and medium sized businesses. They are all members of the Institute of Consulting and have been successfully advising businesses for at least 10 years.


We undertake a continuous programme of professional development to keep up to date with the latest business theory and practice.


We are naturally creative and have been involved in the conception and development of products and services, applying creative thinking to problem solving in both strategic and operational applications.


We adopt a holistic approach to business problems, understanding, anticipating and dealing with the inevitable fact that as change in one part of the business happens it puts pressure on other areas. When businesses want to change, these are the aspects managers need to concentrate on and can be neglected under day-to-day operational pressures:

  • Competitive Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Innovation
  • Service Design
  • Price Optimisation

CEOSTRA can help owners, directors and managers take a step back and look at the business in the medium and long term, re assessing all the key elements involved in developing or turning around a business and re-establishing growth.

Whatever the challenges you face CEOSTRA has the experience, knowledge and creativity to help you achieve your goals; For an informal talk about the possibilities e mail or call 01277 896452